Shipps Corner Soccer Club merges with OTSL!

Men's Soccer in Virginia Beach, VA

We are happy to announce that the leadership from the OTSL and SCSC have merged successfully and completed our first full season in the Fall, which included 12 Over 45 teams. Coming full circle, both groups have realized that more can be accomplished as one group, than as two separate entities.

Spring 2013 Sign-Ups are now available!

Here are a few things to note for this upcoming season:

  • Spring registration is now open and must be in by March 8th to guarantee a spot:
    - Forms and/or Online Registration is available at
    - Late registration will be accepted based on the number of players registered and the number of spots available

  • Overall league structure and rules will follow OTSL:
    - Teams will be generated randomly and evenly each season based on age, position, and known skill level
    - The OTSL gameday rules try to follow FIFA as close as possible, but allow for unlimited subsitutions

  • There will be at least 3 age divisions with at least 6 teams which will be flexible based on age:
    - We will strive to have an Over 18, 30, 40, & 50 but will be flexible based on the number of players registered and their ages
    - Based on previous season's numbers from both leagues, we estimate there will be: 12 teams of Over 45, 8 teams 35-44, and 6 teams of 18-34

  • League Fees have increased to $125 for players ages 49 and under & $100 for players aged 50+:
    - This may seems like a jump for SCSC members, however the SCSC had already planned to raise the fees last fall to $100.

  • Games will be played on Sunday mornings at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex:
    - Rain makeups will be scheduled on Saturdays
    - Some games will have access to the 2 turf fields at HRSC based on availability.

  • Please complete your registration clearly, completely, and as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for decisions to be made on age divisions. Also, to insure all information on the rosters, including email addresses, is accurate.

    Stay tuned for future announcements as we continue to develop the best men's adult league in the Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads area.
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